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body. reportinglive,tv with abc2 news. >> most of us have been crying since we heard the news on e friday and today was very tough to send your child off to school. it's human nature to worry. here's a mom. >> jamie, it took us all a little longer to let go today and that's because it takes a lot. the schools are required in maryland to have safety plans and we found out all of our local districts are up to date and all on file with the state. friday a's shooting means they'll probably be making changes a foggy morning for drop off in baltimore county but one thought was on every parent's minds, will my child be safe sgl so good-byes were a little longer, hugs a little tighter and security was eight locality -- was a lot more obvious. >> the children asked why there was a police officer here and we said they were here to say hi to everybody. >> here at this school the police and across the district are prepared to do more. . >> we all feel nervous. i wasnervous about children coming to school today too but we have a job to do. >> and for the superintendent, her job now means
is made to give us a chance to be the best we can be and that's not to say anybody can't do it but it's an opportunity to try to get this thing going and become the best offense and best team we could be. it's best for the team at this time. >> i had an student to talk to them and make them understand what we're trying to do is get bet are. that's difficult task, obviously, trying to get that done in this league but that's what we're shooting for. >> reporter: yes, jim caldwell was talking about when he was speaking with the players after being named the offensive coordinator. he asked whether the fans' perceived underuse of ray rice had anything to do with the firing of cam cameron. john harbaugh said that ray rice' carries are on par with what they were in previous seasons, but help wasn't going to take that bait. with three games left, the ravens are losing two games in a row and they thought they had to do something. we'll have more coming up live at six. for now live in owings mills, christian schaffer. >>> this firing is a personal one. at a time like this i can't be objective.
also be wrong to shut down sales of assault rifles like this bush master rifle just like the one used at sandy hook elementary. >> this is a 30 round magazine. it does not go with the gun and i'm not allowed to sell it. >> this owner says you wouldn't be able to get one if you wanted to. >> bushmaster changed names recently and yesterday, they sold out completely. >> maryland has some of the touchest gun control laws many the country. those charged with conducting the background checks say they can only go so far. >> what that does not alour our investigators to do is access private mental health records. so if an individual was treated in a private mental health facility, we don't have access to those records. >> while talk of renewing the federal assault rifle ban may ultimately a-take many of them off the market, it has apparently created a rush to buy them now and sellers say they're for protection. >> everybody's scared. theytalk about banning stuff and people are just scared. >> firearm applications have jumpeded from just over 5,000 in october to more than 8,000 this mo
they're telling us at this hour was that the police officer was guarding a prisoner there inside the emergency room who needed some sort of medical treatment. there was a strug thal began when a person who worked at the hospital notice the presser in had hidden some sort of a -- prisoner had hidden some sort of a needle. the suspect grabbed that medical staff earnings started to -- person, started to fight. there was a struggle between the officer and the prisoner. the officer's weapon discharged into the wall. investigators are responding. the good news is when that weapon discharged, there were no injuries. it certainly would be a crowded place to be. with that struggle, the gunshot, pepper spray being used, certainly a chaotic speafnlt county police remain on the scene to piece together what happened. a gunshot inside the medical department at the university of maryland medical center. live in baltimore county, christian schaffer. >>> there -- a crash claimed the life of a woman who was dedicated to treating people with cancer. >> reporter: the woman who died in the three vehi
charged with sexual abus of a minor three counts. we are hopeful that pel will come forward and tell us their story. >> reporter: the maryland school for the deaf said this is an on going investigation being handled by howard county police. taylor remains in custody tonight in howard county. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >>> a man is charged with sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl. he is charged with a second and third degree sex offense. the victim reported that she had -- that grim had ca rested her and touched her. grim was helping with the remodeling and had a sleepover at the home the girl was also staying. >>> a 62-year-old man is dead and two firefighters injured after an early morning house fire in jacksonville. >> it was a two alarm fire and brian kuebler is here with some powerful pictures on those deadly flames. >> reporter: a neighbor three doors down sent us this dramatic picture. 62-year-old william spencer died as the two-alarm fire enveloped the home. the fire required at least 80 firefighters and 20 pieces of equipment from both baltimore and harford county. it took
the state. they used high tech gear to keep track of the storm. >> the technology may louse pavement sensors that feed information to the center about pavement temperatures, ambient air temperatures. this allows us to deploy resources to where they're most critically needed. be assured, winter is here. if you're heading west, we would caution motorists to make sure you're planning ahead. traditionally, the weather events are more harsh. >> reporter: one way to prepare is to get your car ready now. it's easier to check the wipers and fluid now than it is on the road. >> mike masco will be tracking the storm. the abc2's time saver traffic lauren cook will update you and we'll have live reports. >>> of course, when we're not on the air, you can get all the latest on the storm's impact at right in the palm of your hand. it's eve on sale this weekend, the app s head over to >>> cold weather has already claimed a life here in maryland because of hypothermia. the state's health department is not releasing much information only saying the victim is a man 65 or old
,000 individual fireworks were used to pull off that sparkling spectacle. >>> we're learning new details about the september 11th terror attack on the consulate in benghazi. the report was released today it. blames the state department, in large part, for failing to respond to requests for more security resources there. the attack left ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead. >>> another health scare for secretary of state hillary clinton. she was admitted into the hospital because of a blood clot. >> reporter: doctors at new york presbyterian hospital said secretary of state hillary clinton will have top spend at least the next couple of days for observation, after they discovered a blood clot that resulted from a fall. physicians and her staff have not said where the clot is. the treatment does not suggest anything too serious. >> if you have bleeding in your head, you wouldn't put someone on an hasn't cooing a gyp lant for -- coagulant for treatment. so things are not adding up. >> reporter: the 65-year-old clinton originally fell frill a stomach virus. the virus caused seve
: in oklahoma city five people decide in a house -- died in a house fire just trying to stay warm using space heaters. >> there was nothing that anybody could have done. >> reporter: now as the storm moves east, parts of ohio and new york could get hammered by over a foot of snow. our very active weather pattern will continue not only with the current storm system but there's the potential for another storm system to take a similar path. blizzard warnings stretch for 732 continuous miles. reporting for abc news, new york. >>> updating you on breaking news we first brought you last night at 11. a carney town man is dead after police shot him. we have more. >> reporter: while maryland state police are handling the investigation it was an officer who shot and killed becker on christmas night as he was threatening police with a hammer. police were called to this home on commerce in taneytown. edward becker, pictured here from a previous arrest was break out windows of a pickup truck. his parents called 911 but never could have guessed what would happen next. >> three officers respond, approached
or tablet. >>> the winter storm that blasted through the midwest and northeast didn't hit us but more snow is on the way for those area that have already seen a lot of snow. we have more onto problem that's just starting. >> reporter: just one day after a wicked winter storm dumped record snow in the central and northeast parts of the country, forecasters say it's not over yet. another storm system is on the way hitting many of the same states that have suffer from damaging tornadoes and deadly snow fall. >> this is going to be a disruptive storm from the midwest toward the northeast. its going to be a colder storm than before and we are going to see quite a bit of flight delays and travel delays on the roadways on saturday. >> reporter: more snow, rain and gusty winds will snarl travel. if you are going by train, plane or mobile before new year's you may want to prepare for weather related delays. according to flight more than 600 domestic and international flights have been canceled today. meantime in new jersey residents devastated by sandy are now rushing to save their belon
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9